niedziela, 26 grudnia 2010

Boxing day shopping

Hi my dearest,

How are you today? It's Boxing day today so there are plenty of sales today across UK. It's even up to 70% off !:))  I bought just few things today, thights from Oasis, Pantene Pro-V conditioner in spray, new Elle with Ann Hathaway on the front cover and Lancome foundation.  I'll try it and let you know if it's worth its price;) I also bought myself two creams from Normaderm Vichy, one to be applied during the day and the other one for night. My complexion is getting oily in T area especially when I'm working all day in the office. I'll try it and let you know ;) 

The last photo is taken from my Blackberry that is why the quality is that poor:)

Merry Christmas !!!:))

Hello everyone,

I wish all of you Merry Christmas, joy and happiness in 2011 ;)))

piątek, 26 listopada 2010

Isa loves Victoria's Secret and the Angels ...

Have you seen them? they are gorgeous, love their hair, their bodies, everything...:)

Isa loves Chiara

Hi all,

Have you ever heard about Chiara Ferragni and her web ? She's amazing, isn't she? I love her style and they way she mixes her clothes . She also adds loads of accessories like watches, necklaces, rings, which I adore!

Have you seen her shoe collection? oh my lord.... :)

Oh, I've got a dog too, it's a pug. I'll load some pics of my cutie later on;)

some inspirations for today;)


Hi all,

It's my first post on my brand new blog lol. I was hesitating whether to start a blog or not... I love observing other people's blogs and I thought one day: hmmm, I should do the same :D I'll put some ideas into my blog, hope you'll all like it. Let's get start it then xxx